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Typhoon Texas Austin: Family Thrills in the Water


Welcome to Typhoon Texas Austin – where family fun meets aquatic excitement! Pflugerville residents, get ready to embark on a water-filled adventure like no other. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the heart of Typhoon Texas, exploring the diverse attractions that promise thrills, laughter, and unforgettable moments for families in the heart of Texas.

Typhoon Texas Austin – A Splash of Family Fun

Typhoon Texas Austin stands as a premier water park, offering a perfect retreat for families seeking an escape from the Texas heat. With an array of attractions catering to all age groups, this aquatic wonderland promises an immersive experience for Pflugerville residents and visitors alike.

The Rides – Where Thrills Await

Thunder Rapids – The Ultimate Family Adventure

Start your Typhoon Texas journey with Thunder Rapids, a water coaster that combines the excitement of a roller coaster with the refreshing splash of water. Twist and turn through exhilarating drops, providing a thrilling experience for both the young and the young at heart.

The Gully Washer – Kiddie Splash Zone

For the little adventurers, The Gully Washer offers a safe and entertaining splash zone. Packed with water features and mini slides, this area is perfect for children to cool off while parents watch from nearby seating areas.

Relaxation and Family Bonding

Lazy-T River – Serenity in the Heart of the Park

Take a leisurely float down the Lazy-T River, winding through the heart of Typhoon Texas. This gentle current allows families to relax together, soaking in the sun and enjoying the serene atmosphere of the park.

Cabana Rentals – Your Private Oasis

For those seeking a more exclusive experience, consider renting a cabana. These private retreats offer shade, comfortable seating, and a dedicated space for families to unwind. It’s the perfect way to make your visit even more special.

Dining Delights – Fueling Your Water Adventures

The Smokehouse BBQ – A Flavorful Feast

After all the excitement, refuel at The Smokehouse BBQ, Typhoon Texas’ signature dining spot. Indulge in mouth-watering barbecue options, refreshing beverages, and a variety of snacks to keep your energy levels up for more water-filled fun.

Sweet Treats – Desserts to Delight

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to the park’s dessert spots. From ice cream cones to specialty treats, there’s something to please every palate. Treat yourself and your family to a delightful sugar rush!

Safety First – Typhoon Texas Austin’s Commitment

Ensuring the safety of its visitors is a top priority for Typhoon Texas Austin. Rigorous safety measures, attentive lifeguards, and well-maintained facilities make it a worry-free destination for families from Pflugerville and beyond.

Plan Your Visit – Practical Information for Pflugerville Residents

Location and Hours

Typhoon Texas Austin is conveniently located for Pflugerville residents, just a short drive away. Check the official website for the latest information on opening hours and directions to plan your visit accordingly.

Tickets and Packages

Explore the variety of ticket options and packages available. Whether you’re a day visitor or planning multiple visits, Typhoon Texas offers options to suit different preferences and budgets.

COVID-19 Protocols

Stay informed about the park’s COVID-19 protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. Typhoon Texas Austin is committed to providing a secure environment for all guests.


Typhoon Texas Austin beckons Pflugerville families to dive into a world of water-filled excitement. From thrilling rides to serene relaxation spots and delectable dining options, this water park has it all. Plan your visit today and create lasting memories with your loved ones at Typhoon Texas Austin – where family thrills in the water await!